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US Coast Guard Operations Bahamas and Turks Hangar

Great Inagua Island, Bahamas

This design-build project provides a Category 3 berthing hangar for two United States Coast Guard (USCG) HH-60 helicopters, with ancillary support structures including a four-bedroom modular barrack and a hazardous materials building. The project site is located on Great Inagua, the southernmost island in the Bahamian chain, and is adjacent to the Great Inagua airport. This austere and isolated location created numerous challenges with material delivery and experienced craftsmen.

The scope of work included the demolition of the existing hangar facility devastated by a recent hurricane and construction of an 18,750-SF, two-bay hangar with 28-foot clear height to structure. The project includes a five-ton bridge crane, high-expansion foam fire suppression system, 400hz and 28volt DC power services, airframe wash-down area, maintenance and shops and staff support areas.

In addition to the HH-60 helicopters, the hangar can also accommodate the HH-65 Dolphin and the CASA CN-235 medium-range twin-engine transport plane.

First-of-Its-Kind Precast System Withstands Multiple Hurricanes

This project uses a unique, first of-its-kind precast concrete structural system to provide an extremely durable, corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free facility that can withstand 150-mph winds and windblown debris. The system uses concrete H pile foundations and columns with inserts of precast concrete panels. The four 28-foot high by 32-foot wide hangar doors are also constructed of precast concrete, allowing the entire facility to withstand catastrophic storms, including the subsequent tests of Hurricanes Irma, Maria and Matthew.

The double-sloped steel truss roof structure is integrated with the precast concrete structure and clad with a four-inch thick composite standing seam metal roof system.

The project presented many other challenges, including delivery of personnel, equipment and materials to a remote location, maintaining uninterrupted utility service to the existing barracks during demolition and construction, providing sustenance for labor and management crews and fulfilling USCG FD&CC sustainability goals on a remote, undeveloped site.

The project was designed to USGBC LEED® Certification standards.

At a glance

18,750 SF

Two-Bay Hangar


USGBC LEED Silver Certification

Built to Withstand Hurricane-force Winds


Project Management

Architectural Design

Engineering: Mechanical & Electrical 

150 mph

Building can withstand 150 mph winds and windblown debris


Operation Bahamas, Turks and Caicos (OPBAT) is a combined Coast Guard, DEA and Government of the Bahamas partnership to combat drug smuggling to and from the Bahamas. The previous OPBAT hangar was destroyed by Hurricane Ike in 2008.


This hangar was constructed to withstand a CAT 3 hurricane. It was constructed using Oldcastle Precast's "Titan Wall" system. The entire aircraft hangar structure, including the motorized hangar doors, was fabricated using engineered precast concrete.