Client Carver County Library System

Digital In-Person Prototype Library

Victoria, Minnesota

Small by traditional library standards, this 4,300-SF library prioritizes digital resources to maximize space for people-focused functions, such as tutoring, small-group, and classroom-style learning. The design uses an “everything on wheels” strategy, and is organized around a combination of group work and digital media spaces to prioritize collaborative group work, training and instruction, and spaces for small group discussion. Long, farmhouse-style tables are used in place of the typical lengths of independent desktop computers found in most libraries, allowing use by individuals, small groups, collaborative use and classes of up to 24 students.

At a glance

4,300 SF “boutique” library, meets contemporary needs

Prototype layout emphasizes “flip” spaces, that allows maximum use of space throughout the day

Concierge service with technology-focused librarians shifts staff from behind desks, and into roles of advisor and educator


Flexibility through mobile furniture and creative “flip” features which shift to support daily changing needs

Touch screen browsing, digital downloads, borrowable devices, and content/media collaboration stations

Book-rich spaces foster creative children’s play and discovery


Space Programming / Concept Design

Architectural Design / Library Design

Interior Design / Furniture Design