Client State of Hawaii

Waikiki War Memorial Park and Natatorium

Honolulu, Hawaii

The Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium, built to honor Hawaiian members of the Armed Services who gave their lives during World War I, was closed in 1979 due to unsafe conditions.  The State of Hawaii chose LEO A DALY to restore its 1927 appearance and meet code requirements for life safety and accessibility.

After completing a study including an environmental impact analysis, permitting procedures, and design, two alternatives were determined.  One, complete restoration of the natatorium or two, partial restoration to retain the arches and create a public beach in place of the saltwater pool.  The partial restoration alternative was chosen, with the arches now restored to reflect the original intention of the memorial.  Additionally, various modifications were made to the natortium to minimize operating and maintenance costs.  The saltwater pool is still awaiting restoration.

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